Monday, April 28, 2008

Have an Eye Single for Righteousness

Advice given by "Uncle Henry" Wallace to his grandson, Henry Agard Wallace on his twenty-first birthday.

You must not expect to be a really big man unless you live a sincere, earnest, religious life. In other words, you want always to be on the side of the great Power that rules this world, and that we have learned to call "Our Father." In solving the questions that will come up from year to year and from day to day, the man who is on God's side is really on the side of the majority, although the world will not think so and he may for a time doubt it. Nevertheless, posterity will appreciate the man who does the right as he sees the right, and who has an eye single for righteousness.

Henry Agard Wallace later went on to found Pioneer Hi-Bred (the first company to sell hybrid seed commercially and the second largest in the field today), to breed the Wallace Leghorn Chicken (which now accounts for more than half of the world's egg production), and to serve as Secretary of Agriculture and Vice-President of the United States.

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