Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Pop Quiz!

Found this quiz on another Cantius parishoner's blog:

1.) Favorite devotion to Jesus:
I wear only black and white on Fridays as a commemoration of His Passion.

2.) Favorite Marian prayer:

Stabat Matter

3.) Do you wear a scapular or medal?

Oh boy! I wear the Green Scapular and pray for the conversion of Godless communists. I wear the Five-Way Scapular, a St. Benedict medal, a St. Denis medal (from Paris), an Our Lady of Aachen medal (from Aachen), a St. Joseph medal, a St. Louis medal, and a medal with the Assumption on the front and Pius XII on the back.

4.) Do you have holy water in your home?

Yes, a font by the front door and a bottle on the mantle.

5.) Do you offer up your sufferings?


6.) Do you go to Adoration?

About once a year.

7.) Are you a Vigil Mass person or a Sunday morning person?

Sunday morning.

8.) Do you say prayers at mealtime?


9.) Favorite Saints:

Pipin of Landen, Arnulf of Metz, Hubert, and Charles Augustus. I am also fond of two fellows who have not yet been canonized (and whom I am sure will be one day): Pius XII and Girolamo Savonarola.

10.) Do you observe First Fridays or First Saturdays?


11.) Can you recite the Apostles' Creed by heart?

No, but I do know the Nicene Creed and usually say that before the rosary.

12.) Do you say short prayers during the course of the day?

Yes — I even use the Hail Mary to time the vacuum on the plate burner!

13.) When you pass a car wreck or hear a siren, do you say a short prayer?

I didn't, until I heard Mrs. Hamilton say a decade of the rosary when passing a car wreck once. Now I try to remember to do that every time.