Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Stands to reason ...

Well, yeah! No one likes to wear helmets. They're uncomfortable and bulky, it's awkward putting them on when you're in the mood to skate, sometimes you don't have one handy when you need it, and it lessens the feeling of the breeze in your hair. So, can you blame a fellow if he doesn't always wear one of those things?

But condoms — well, who doesn't like the feeling of those? Hardly seems worthwhile to do "that" if you're not wearing a nice snug condom to enhance that feeling intimacy.

Monday, December 5, 2011

All right, we are two nations ...

When I saw this postcard at PostSecret I was really sad for the poor girl:

But when I read the two comments below, I was just about heart-broken:

Hi Frank - My husband and I are not able to have children. Or at least I'm not. I had my 2nd ectopic pregnancy the day before Thanksgiving and they took my last fallopian tube. I would love to get my contact info to the poster of the abortion secret in case she changes her mind and considers adoption. We would make amazing parents!...[email removed]...

Hi Frank - Can you please take down my email? I'm getting hate mail. I guess it wasn't the right thing to do. Thank you!

Can you even begin to imagine what sort of person would send hate mail to someone so desperate and earnest?