Tuesday, July 14, 2009

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“I do not believe there is an atheist in the world who would bulldoze Mecca — or Chartres, York, Minster, or Notre Dame.”
— Richard Dawkins, "The God Delusion," p. 249

On 5 December 1931, by order of Stalin's minister Lazar Kaganovich, the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour,the largest Orthodox church ever built, was dynamited and reduced to rubble. It took more than one blast to destroy the church and more than a year to clear the debris from the site.


Mike in CT said...

I wonder how much Mr. Dawkins has to ignore reality in order to say some of the things he says. In his interview by Ben Stein in the movie "Expelled" Dawkins tried to explain the beginning of life on earth by positing alien life "seeding" simple organisms--which then begs the question of where that alien life began. But I guess celebrity is more important than logic or fact...

Anonymous said...

now I know it..